Bulk Image Download

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the bulk download tool on VirtualFlyBrain.org. The tool allows users to download multiple files at once, saving time and effort compared to downloading each file individually. The types of data available for download include OBJ, SWC, NRRD, and References. Users can also select specific variables related to their chosen data type. The downloaded data is packaged into a zip file for easy access and organization.

Using the Bulk Image Download Tool

Follow these steps to download multiple files from VirtualFlyBrain using the bulk download tool:

Step 1: Open the Images

Navigate to the VFB Browser and open all the images you are interested in downloading. You can do this by searching for specific images and opening their respective pages.

Step 2: Open the Bulk Download Tool

Once you have all the images open, locate the bulk download icon in the top right. Click on this icon to open the bulk download tool.

Step 3: Select the Data Type

In the bulk download tool, select the type of data you want to download. The options are OBJ, SWC, NRRD, and References.

Step 4: Select the Variables

If applicable, select specific variables related to the data type you have chosen.

Step 5: Download the Data

After making your selections, click the ‘Download’ button to start the download. The data will be downloaded in a zip file named “VFB Files.zip”.

Step 6: Unzip the File

Once the download is complete, locate the zip file in your downloads folder and unzip it to access the data.

Step 7: Open the Data

Finally, open the data in your chosen software. For example, if you chose OBJ, you could open the data in a 3D modeling program.

Note: If something goes wrong during the download, an error message will be displayed and you will be prompted to try again. If no entries are found for the selected types and variables, a message will be displayed to inform you.

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