Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

This is where we show you how to use VFBs Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and other tools to explore the available data.

Downloading Images from VFB Using VFBconnect

This guide will show you how to use VFBconnect to download images from the Virtual Fly Brain (VFB) based on a dataset.

Hacking the connectome

Tutorials from the Virtual Fly Brain “Hacking the connectome” workshop that was run in collaboration with the Drosophila Connectomics Group based at the Dept of Zoology, University of Cambridge.

VFB connect API overview

The VFB connect API provides programmatic access to the databases underlying VFB

SOLR search example

How to programatically search for a term.

Data types

In this notebook we will focus on neuron skeletons - a.k.a. TreeNeurons


Explore how to plot neurons in 2d using and in 3d


pymaid (python-catmaid) lets you interface with a CATMAID server such as those provided by VFB to host published data from the FAFB dataset.


NBLAST is a method to quantify morphological similarity.


The Janelia hemibrain dataset is accessible via neuprint. To programmatically interface with neuprint, we show how to use neuprint-python.

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