News about Virtual Fly Brain (VFB)

New Split-GAL4 report pages on FlyBase

FlyBase now has ‘Split System Combination’ pages displaying curated information for Split-GAL4 lines.

Transcriptomics data available for cell types on VFB

Transcriptomics data is now available on VFB! Find scRNAseq clusters from the Term Info pane for a cell type of interest.

Larval split-GAL4 line raw images release

Raw images from the 1020 Larval split-GAL4 lines and 350 Generation 1 LexA lines included in Meissner et al., 2024 are now available on VFB.

Fix for problems with current Safari release

Virtual Fly Brain 3D browser won’t load on Safari Version 15.3 (17612. with an experimental feature enabled. Please follow these instructions to disable it until Apple fixes the issue.

Google search results issue

VFB has been affected by an issue with google’s indexing which has affected our ranking in their search results. We applogise for any inconvenience but have been assured this is now fixed and should get back to normal soon.

Last modified December 29, 2021: Update (5e1df32)