OBO Relations Ontology (RO)

The OBO Relations Ontology (RO) is a collection of OWL relations (ObjectProperties) intended for use across a wide variety of biological ontologies.

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exposure event or process [RO_0002310]

A process occurring within or in the vicinity of an organism that exerts some causal influence on the organism via the interaction between an exposure stimulus and an exposure receptor. The exposure stimulus may be a process, material entity or condition (for example, lack of nutrients). The exposure receptor can be an organism, organism population or a part of an organism.

sequence atomic unit [RO_0002533]

Any individual unit of a collection of like units arranged in a linear order

sequence bearer [RO_0002534]

Any entity that can be divided into parts such that each part is an atomical unit of a sequence

sequentially ordered entity [RO_0002532]

Any entity that is ordered in discrete units along a linear axis.

system [RO_0002577]

A material entity consisting of multiple components that are causally integrated.

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