Release Information

The Virtual Fly Brain (VFB) site consists of open source software projects we contribute to and actively develop as well as ontologies that we actively curate into and utilise in building the data for our servers. Here we provide details of these.

VFB Content Report

An auto generated report detailing the current types and quantity of images and annotations currently publicly available on VFB. This will update after a new data release.

VFB Geppetto Releases

Release details for Virtual Fly Brains 3D browser site built on the Geppetto platform


The Collaborative Annotation Toolkit for Massive Amounts of Image Data (CATMAID) is a web companion to the TrakEM2 software (Cardona, 2006) for management, registration and analysis of large-scale ssTEM datasets

Janelia FlyLight

The FlyLight Project produces large anatomical data sets and highly characterized collections of GAL4, LexA and Split-GAL4 drivers in order to enable the visualization and precise manipulation of individual cell types in the Drosophila nervous system.


The ultimate neuroscience platform.

Datasets available on VFB

Here is a list of all available datasets available on Virtual Fly Brain (VFB).


Here we list all the ontologies used to create VFB.

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