Janelia FlyLight

The FlyLight Project produces large anatomical data sets and highly characterized collections of GAL4, LexA and Split-GAL4 drivers in order to enable the visualization and precise manipulation of individual cell types in the Drosophila nervous system.


FlyLight Project Homepage


FlyLight makes its primary data available via VFB as well as through dedicated websites for expression patterns of Generation 1 GAL4 and LexA lines and for split-GAL4 lines. Generation 1, split hemidriver, and stable split combination lines are available primarily from the Bloomington Stock Center. Stable split lines can also be requested via the split-GAL4 website.

FlyLight Data and Resources

While FlyLight’s data is intergrated & indexed on VFB and direct link out provided to the images on these sites they can be directly searched:

Browse the Generation 1 GAL4 expression patterns

Browse the Generation 1 MCFO (single neuron) patterns

Browse the Split-GAL4 Expression Patterns

Browse the Raw Image Collection

Search light and EM neurons - NeuronBridge

VFB hosted Larval Expression Patterns

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